Recognizing that you or a loved one may be struggling with a behavioral health challenge is the first step toward a better future. Finding the right facility to assist your needs is vital to a successful process. Whenever you have any questions, or once you’re ready to move forward with treatment, Golden Heart Care is here for you!

Tough times don’t last, tough people do.


If you’re thinking about admitting yourself or a loved one to a Behavioral Health Residential Facility for mental health disorders, PTSD/Trauma or mood disorder or medical long-term care needs, please call us today. We understand the process of beginning an admission to a new home can become overwhelming. Our experienced staff is prepared to respond to families, case workers or representatives who may know someone who needs treatment in a residential setting. Our Admissions staff will guide clients through each step and answer any questions/concerns you may have.


When you call, one of our admissions team members will ask you a few questions about the individuals’ situation to start assessing whether Golden Heart Cares’ program is a good fit for the individual’s situation. This typically takes about 25 minutes or less. We can arrange to speak with you at a time when you can have this conversation in a safe and private location if you are not in need of immediate admission. Sometimes that means rescheduling to talk at night or over the weekend. To start, we will ask about current symptoms and challenges, risk of harm to self or others, as well as past treatment history. We also inquire about the prospective client’s environment and social support system – family, friends and situation at work and school, any legal concerns and other information that can help us help you.


At times, the admissions staff may determine that a person is not a fit for the available facility and GHC WILL recommend the individual to another agency or someone of help if possible. This can be due to the current residence not being the best fit for the individual. Our goal is to set each person up for success. Our Medical Director and other clinical staff will collaborate to review all information provided as soon as possible.


Our staff also works with family members, on a daily basis if necessary, to put these feelings in the proper context so they can begin healing themselves. This support helps family members resist any efforts the individual may make to undermine their confidence in the decision they’ve made.