Get To Know Golden Heart Trans

Non Emergency Medical Transportation

Company Overview

Golden Heart Trans (GHT) was formed to serve people in need of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) with a new approach! We are bringing the Uber/Lyft (fast, quality and affordable) motto. We separate ourselves by offering Healthcare experience, certified team (First Aid/CPR, Driver’s Training), and anytime transports. GHT separates from the NEMT agencies by bringing a variety of fleet options at your choice, offering a variety of payments methods, anytime transports and very soon mobile apps that allows you schedule transports. Click here to learn more about the future of GHT, services, responsibilities and the extra help we bring to you!

Golden Heart Trans’ mission is to provide quality transport to individuals who want and need certified drivers that genuinely care to help, want to be there for you and make your ride a safe and memorable one! WE are bringing the approach of the Lyft and Uber to Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. We eventually want to be to you within minutes.
At Golden Heart Trans, we offer to you the option of choosing the vehicle type that suits your needs. We want you to be as comfortable as possible. We do provide Oxygen tanks and wheelchairs upon request. Every vehicle is equipped with First Aid kits. The above images are examples of the types of vehicles we offer. We are bringing a new approach to Non-Emergency Medical Transportation through experience! Click here to schedule your trip with the vehicle of your needs.
I, Carlos, founded Golden Heart Trans to bring you or your loved one modernized NEMT services through a similar motto of Uber and Lyft. I understand how hard it is to get transport and how expensive NEMT transport gets. The approach behind GHT is to make it easy for you to get around, within minutes, through experienced drivers and affordable! GHT helps my sister, Yvette, get to her Day Program Monday through Friday without the worry of my mother having to figure out how she can get Yvette to her Day Program without her being late to work! Words can’t express how passionate I am to help you or your loved one get around!

Drivers Experience

We want to meet your needs when it comes to NEMT. Every Routine Driver is First Aid/CPR, Prevention & Support and Driving Defense certified through Aires Training Coordinators from their Quality Enhancement Department. GHT Drivers have healthcare related experience and can help with any non-emergency assistance. You ask, we’ll help!

Our Technology

We are currently working on an application that will allow you to schedule trips not only from our site, but through a mobile app. This app will have a ton of great features! Call us today to learn more!